Calgary, AB

In Calgary, three organizations cooperated in celebrating the UN International Day of Older persons. The three were the Calgary CURC Area Council. the Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association and the Forever Young Seniors Group. 

As the Forever Young Seniors Group holds their regular get-togethers on Thursdays, it was agreed to hold our celebration on Thursday, September 29th and kick off the Alberta celebrations.  The Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association is located at 917 Centre Ave NE, Calgary.  The Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association donated the premises for the event and CURC Calgary provided the hot meal and dessert for the event. 

The event began with welcoming remarks to the Seniors, Bridgeland staff and Volunteers and introduced CURC to the group.  Everyone was then invited to fill their plates and enjoy lunch.  As lunch wrapped up everyone grabbed their dessert and coffee, and settled in to listen to our guest speaker who was  Deborah Drever MLA for Calgary-Bow.  Ms. Drever brought greetings on behalf of Premier Notley and the Alberta Government.  Deborah then gave a very detailed speech covering issues that concern seniors, such as healthcare, long term care and housing, home care, seniors isolation, pharmaceuticals and mobility aids.  Following her speech, Ms. Drever took questions and provided answers, where she could not answer the questions her assistant took names and contact information to get back to those people with answers. 

Following the formal event there was time for socializing the a chance for the seniors to talk one on one with MLA Drever.  The event ran from 11:30 to 13:30.  Overall the event was judged as success by all that attended. 

Ellen, our MC, intruducintg Deborah Drever - MLA Calgary Bow to the Forever Young Seniors Group.

See more photos of the event on the CURC facebook page.