Celebrating seniors across Canada

Seniors contribute to their communities every day. These days, many seniors are continuing to work far past their 65 years. Others are volunteering for community programs, helping a neighbour, acting as a caregiver, all the while sharing their talents and life experience with others. There are many important initiatives that would be lost without the contributions of seniors. While seniors don't have to be reminded of their contributions, sometimes the world needs to be! 

What better way to showcase our seniors than to celebrate them! 

Peterborough Celebration

We experienced a heavy rain, so the ceremony for the International Day of Older Persons was held in the main lobby of Peterborough City Hall on Friday, September 29th. While City Hall staff raised the UN International Day of Older Persons flag outside, Deputy Mayor Henry Clarke read out the Day of Older Persons proclamation, which included a statement that Peterborough was a municipality in the forefront of providing services for seniors.


Alberta government steps up to the plate in declaring UN October 1, Day for Alberta Seniors

A special event was hosted by the Speaker of the Alberta Legislature to declare October 1st as the UN International Day of Older Persons for the Province.

Over 60 seniors, including representatives of many organisations, crowded the rotunda of the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton to witness Seniors and Housing Minister Lori Sigurdson sign a Government Declaration for the Day.


Township of Langely marks International Day of Older Persons

On Monday  October 2nd, officials from the Township of Langley raised a flag marking the International Day of Older Persons. On hand for the ceremony was Mayor Jack Froese along with Sylvia Anderson, Co-Chair of the Langley Seniors Community Action Table (LSCAT). Also present from the Township were Counsellor Angie Quaale, Counsellor Petrina Arnason, and Counsellor Blair Whitmarsh. On hand as well was CARP representative Steve Trummler, Langley Care Foundation/Langley Lodge Director of Fundraising, Patrick Matiouski and other local seniors.


Celebrations in New Brunswick

Over 25 people gathered in Moncton to celebrate the International Day for Older Persons on October 1.  There were opening remarks, and introductions from Kathy Leger, an Executive Officer of our sponsor, NB FUR,  explaining that the organization is the provincial arm of Congress of Union Retirees of Canada (CURC). There was a brief description of how October 1st became International Day of Older Persons & National Seniors’ Day in Canada.


Regina - International Day of Older Persons

Because Staff at Regina city hall do not work on the weekend, the flag raising took place on Friday evening, September 29th.

In the attached photo is the Commissionaire and President Elaine Britton; and one of the flag raised. 

 We advertised the event in the Leader Post newspaper, the online version, Seniors' Voice, CARP Regina Chapter Facebook page, and the Saskatchewan Union Retirees Federation newsletter.

 On October 1st, we  attended the Saskatchewan Senior Mechanism Celebrating Seniors Awards Dinner.

Submitted by Council of Union Retirees Regina


Hamilton, October 1


A Planning Committee was established and consisted of representatives from HBO CURC, OFUR, CARP, NAFR, SOAR kinjunxion, Council of Canadians, Age Friendly Hamilton, and the United Way of Halton & Hamilton.

Kinjunxion is a recently established organization that helps "families and support connect". They provide assistance in promoting connectuions among organizations and help get their message out into the public domain.


Moncton, NB

About 25 seniors gathered to celebrate the UN International Day for Older Persons on October 1 in Moncton. Opening remarks, and introducing myself (Kathy Leger) as an Executive Officer of our sponsor, NB FUR,  explaining that we are the provincial arm of CURC, and our raison d’être.

2. Gave the history of how October 1st became International Day of Older Persons & National Seniors’ Day in Canada

3.  Guest Speaker - Catherine Blomquist, Lawyer (Associate - Actus Law Doit), who spoke of the Do’s and Dont’s of appointing a Power of Attorney.  Q & A period followed